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What Are Your Resolutions For This New Year?

Ahhhh how nice! Another new year. And with every new year we all have new year resolutions. It’s important to have resolutions for the new year because these are goals that we have in mind to accomplish and a goal is what keeps us moving forward and gives us something to look forward to.

Because some may tend to not accomplish their new year resolutions, I would like to challenge you to look at your new year resolutions in a different way.  Why am I challenging you to look at this in a different way? Because I’ve noticed that for some a new year resolution may seem as something perhaps too grand with no concrete steps to take in order to get to where one may want to go. Also, when one may think of a new year resolution, one may think that if it’s not accomplished or started in January, then perhaps it’s a resolution that one may just drop and forget about it. I would like to challenge you and rather than think of your new year resolutions, think of your goal for this January. By doing this, you are setting a goal to meet this month that will add up to what your goals are for this new year. Once that goal is met, then what is your goal for February and so on. This way your main goal gets broken down to smaller goals until it is something that you can do every day that will get you closer to whatever it is that you want.

Set that intention for that goal that you have. I already wrote about this one key element to getting the things you want out of life by setting the intention on a past post some months ago and I just can’t emphasize enough how important this is to any goal, no matter what goal you may have. From losing weight, to getting the job of your dreams, to having that relationship that you want, setting the intention is key.

Plan out your goals. I also wrote about the importance of planning on a past post because without proper planning, well, you will be setting yourself up for failure basically. Planning is what prepares you in the event of any possible setbacks. Of course, you can’t plan everything out in life but when it comes to goals, planning is crucial.

Another thing I have to add in here that I feel is very important when accomplishing your goals is do not wait to be motivated in order to keep going after your goals. I am one to say that when going after the things that you want in life, you are not always going to feel like doing what you know you have to do in order to reach your goals. For instance, when going to college, there are classes that are required to take, papers that have to be written in order for you to pass the class and you will not always feel like doing these papers but you do them anyways because you have a bigger picture in mind. If you wait until you’re motivated in order to reach your goals, you may find that you may never get yourself started. This is the danger of relying on feeling motivated to reach your goals.

By taking your resolutions for this year and breaking them down to smaller goals, setting the intention of reaching your goals, planning and having the determination to reach that goal so you are not relying on feeling motivated, you will reach those goals that you have for this year. Every goal is possible when taking these steps.

So you can start the year right, don’t forget to read a post I wrote for the blog The Zeit by clicking on the following link, where you will learn about the 5 areas to look into in your life in order to achieve ultimate well-being. Don’t forget that now you can read this blog on your Kindle by clicking on the Amazon Kindle store at

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