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Walking through Central Park made me reflect on all the riches that are within our reach that we either don’t realize that we have or we don’t know how to value.

A lot of people ask me “What makes you happy?”. My response is “Can you hear?, Can you see? Can you walk?, Do you have health?, Do you have your family? Well, if the response is ‘yes’ then you have everything to be happy”. A lot of times we let ourselves be distracted by the things that really don’t matter. We forget that by having the basics we already have everything. By having the basics, everything else will come. Having your health, being able to walk and see, you will have the strength to work and make the money that you need and have all the other stuff that you need. Love is so powerful and with the love of either your family or a loved one, you will have the strength to move on forward. Without a base, a house can not be built. In the same manner, without the basics you can not construct a future. And if it’s the case that you can’t either walk or see, it doesn’t matter because you still have blessings in your life. It’s a matter of taking a look at all the blessings that you have.

The next time that you get angry at something that in reality doesn’t have that much importance, remember all the beautiful things that you have for which you can be grateful for having. Reflecting on things that you have for which to be grateful for is essential for a healthy mind and soul. Next time you walk by something that causes an impression on you, think of all your blessings. It is my desire that this reflection helps take you to a level of consciousness necessary for your well-being so that you can start living life to the max the way you deserve to live.

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