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Get a Good Understanding of Who You Are

I am more and more convinced that absolutely nothing can be obtained if you first don’t have a good understanding of who you are. Your overall well-being depends on it and that’s what today’s post will be about.

Understanding who you are is crucial because that is the foundation. Without this understanding, you can’t possibly know who are the right people for you, the right friends for you, the right companion for you, the right career path, anything. It is this deep understanding that leads to breakthroughs in life, that leads to you attracting what you want and need and that leads to a fulfilling life.

So how can you get a better understanding of yourself? You do this by spending time with yourself. That’s right! You need some alone time with just yourself and nothing else influencing you. It is this time spent alone that will help you sit still with yourself so that you can connect with your inner self. It is crucial that you connect with your inner self because it is the only way to access your path.

Pay attention to the way you feel. Your emotions are feedback from yourself. They guide you and let you know where you are in life, what to avoid or do less of, what works for you and what doesn’t, etc. How do you feel when you are around certain people? This is not something to ignore, you have to pay attention to this. This will guide you as to the kinds of people you want and need in your life. How does the idea of having something or doing something feels like? This too is to pay attention to because this clues you in as to what you should consider doing.

Look back at your childhood. What were the things that you were passionate about then? Kids certainly know how to live life because they are grounded and they live in the present moment. They enjoy life and care about being happy. What were some of the things that made you happy as a child? These things will clue you in as to what you need to be doing more of.

Pay attention to your frustrations. That’s right. Your frustrations are key to understanding the kind of life that you need. I wrote an article about it for The Ziet that you can read and this is the link for you to click. Frustration is something to be embraced because without this, you wouldn’t know what to do less of.

Understand what your needs are. I discuss this in my latest book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve because this is one key to getting your life together. Without knowing what your needs are, how are you supposed to have the life that you want?! There is no way around it.

Not knowing who you are is detrimental to your overall well-being and leads to unnecessary hurt and disappointments. It leads to all this because you will attract things and people that sooner or later you realize they are not for you. You end up wondering what happened and a lot of times, what happened was not having a good understanding of who you are to know what you can handle, what you can tolerate, etc. So if you haven’t taken the time to get to know yourself better, please do so. It is for your greater well-being as well as those around you because if you are happy, you have more happiness to offer to others.

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